Monday, April 25, 2005

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Beck "Guero" *****

One of the best albums of the year. It will certainly end up on the best of Beck has traditionally alternated between true eclectic alternative albums and blues albums. This one seems to combine the two. While most Beck albums seem to take one style and play various forms, ending a little tired by track 10, this one is varied enough to keep you interested to the end with out sacrificing quality or interest. It won't be a commercial smash, but that doesn't affect the quality.

The first song I heard was on the radio "e-pro" which I thought going for the easy single/stadium rock song to replace blur's yahoo tune. My next take was having a kid has turned Beck christian (see audioslave), a Beck Hanson rather than just Beck. But it opens the album solidly and as you listen to the album it fits in perfectly. The next couple of songs do a Spanish hip-hop and then veers through pretty much every musical genre: rap, funk, alternative, classical strings, 80's synth rock, 70's style love songs, blues. You name it, it's here. There's a lot hear and probably plenty I'm missing. Not very many people could pull it off and fewer would attempt it. Words don't do it justice. But I've been listening for two weeks and the nuances keep getting better.

Standout tracks. The best track has to be "black tambourine" which is a stripped down "e-pro" - if it doesn't get your feet tapping, you're dead. "e-pro" may be more accessible, but still a great rocker. "go it alone" and "emergency exit" are more of a slow burner blues numbers like black tambourine. "farewell ride" is the the style blues harmonica/dark country. "que onda guero" is the Spanish hip hop while "hell yeah" is the funk number. Missing is a "slow" love song but more like a traditional south American dance number.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


An experiment. I will give this a try to post music reviews, media postings, pictures or anything else that I feel like. We'll see where it goes.