Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This is the picture Dave Navarro is using for his twitter icon currently. You know who the guy on the left is. The guy playing guitar is Dave of Jane's Addiction. Picture from 2002 at the Appollo. What's up with the expression on Dave's face?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The "genius" of Apple

For father's day, the girls got me the ipod touch (32g!). Yes!!!

What a beautiful package. Now if I can get it out. Whoever designed the packaging is a true sadist. I thought Chinese toy packaging was tough. Who says America cant do things "better"? Who says apple isn't the best?

Better yet, was the protective case for "ipod touch 2th gerneration." No really. I tried to take a picture of the box but lettering too small. "Made in China" was properly spelled.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If you have kids...

Mary Ellen, this is for you (thanks, dori for the link)



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Photos from Baxter SP Maine XC Ski Trip

Maine Photos

A little late, but some great shots of Katahdin.

Maddy Poem: haiku?

Chipmunk standing still
not doing anything
moving down the fence
then gone

Monday, June 08, 2009

Notes from Wednesday Night Box Set

June 4 - NINJA tour at Mansfield

I tend to go to shows with two groups: median age 50's or 30's. this was the latter, my peeps. guys short hair, baseball hats. girls long hair, fashion sense just a little off. some goth here and there. plenty of left over piercings and tattoos but people with families and jobs. i can honestly say i was the only person there wearing sandals (even though they are keens, does that count?).

Street Sweeper Social Club

Tom Morello's new band and it basically the return of Rage Against the Machine with an extra guitar. And that's great. The stage was tiny and band grouped together close. i've never seen a guitarist who was so much of the energy of band. It was strange with great woods half full and the sun still out. but a great band with high energy. i've always like the idea of reap0metal but so few people do it well. so its great to have these guys doing it right. if you go, make sure get their early to catch their set.

Nine Inch Nails

Even with sssc's equipment off, stage was small and backstage was packed. great woods was full now, but strange to see NIN with the sun still up. They started at 7:45 and play an hour and a half. this could be described as essential NIN, the stripped down version. Trent plus three guys, fog machines, feedback and alot of keyboards for them to play. Last tour was elaborate lights/video/laser show and most of that was gone. We still had lights triggering epiliectic fits, but 10 of them rather than 100 (overhead lights were cool though). Whenever I seen NIN, I always find myself wondering how much is "live" versus computer tracking. Regardless, Trent always pours his heart into it, he mostly sang and played piano. This was not a mainstream set, focusing more on the internet releases. apparently, he must play "hurt" every show. Highlights included Happiness in Slavery and Gave Up for that the kind of set it was: guitar, beats and vocals. The first time I saw him was similar: loolapalooza at great woods in the middle afternoon (and rain). Out of the six times I've seen them, this wasn't the best, but Trent always brings it.

I have a new theory on Trent. He's about five to ten years behind us emotionally so he blends a mix of authenticism and nostalgia for my peers. When I was twenty five and all he did was pain and anguish, it fit me emotionally, even if that wasn't my life. Now, Trent's getting married, (he twittered during Jane's set about how much he missed his girlfriend), starting a family, trying new things in business and music and maturing. He actually talked about it on stage (I wouldn't call him chatty but in the past he said one or two words a show, now he does speeches), about how these songs were a bad place for him, a place he doesn't like to go to, but is beyond that place now and helped him get to where he is now, which i think is how i feel about NIN.

Jane's Addiction

Stage cleared out finally opened up somewhat, although the backstage was still overflowing. It took a while to get going. They opened with "three days" my favorite jane's song but tough to play a ten minute song off the bat and get people to groove to it. they seemed a little stiff and first few songs where a bit of a slog, playing more obscure songs (whores, pigs in zen, ...then she did) - this is the reunion tour with original bassist so playing only old songs. But by the time they hit "mountain song" they were in the moment

Perry was at his weirdest. Bitching out the mosh pit for throwing stuff at him (funny moment though when Dave approached him afterwards and Perry added on "please don't throw stuff at David, too). Let me see if I can get this riff right "you respect a man for his toughness. boston is a tough man. the colonist came over here. doing their own thing, hanging with his woman. he wants to have a cup of tea. what do the british do? tax him!!!! (like THEY always do) he just wants to drink his tea and be left alone. so what does he do?? Boston Bruins....POW!!!! the revolution...America...that's why I love Boston." Later, he announced "good night" but drummer Perkins kept playing; "stephen, what are you doing?"then ripping into ripping in ted just admit it. Perry Farrell is the only person I know who could wear an gold lame jump suit and not remind you of Elvis at all!

After that they played "ocean size" and it hit me, why I liked this so much. NIN does one thing: pain, anger, negative emotion. That is here too but there is also love, happiness and beauty here. This was pure joy, but a complex goulash version as the music washed over you, an old friend who while a little rusty still knows the way to your heart.

Thank you, David Navarro for being the best guitarist since Van Halen.
Thank you, Perry for putting your ego on hold, your weird feminine dancing and wonderful weirdness. You have never not had something memorable to say.
Thank you, stephen perkins for never over doing the drums but never doing underdoing it either. You are the heart of this band.
Thank you, Eric Avery for burying the hatchet with perry. you don't seem to like him very much but you bass lines elevate this band back to its prime.

We'll see what come next.

Bootlegs of tour:



Added June 8th: Obviously, I enjoyed this as I keep adding to the blog. This is now third or fourth version. Like the extra track, box set, you just keep coming back. But I got at least one Perry rant, Trent woe is me and Morello solo.

from Mansfield

the throwing incident (about two minutes in)

watch at least first five seconds: