Monday, May 26, 2008

In case you missed it:

Twitter blog from road trip (part 2 - Twitter is "stressing" out so only part 2 available, for now):

3:51 home ! (For me). Thanks dad for your help.

from txt
Arrive in Ct eta 4:02 from txt

ELVIS in 6 foot letter graffiti on side of highway from txt

Ggodbye nj on to george washington bridge and ny (and 8 dollar toll) and traffic backed up to nj. Eta 3:57 from txt

Stopped at reststop for break and fill up. Eta 3;57 from txt

Welcome to nj from txt

In delaware eta 3;43 from txt

On way home in md eta 4;07 from txt

Dinner at rocklands bbq. Meat good sides so-so. Ice cream in westover. Back at pam's early. from txt

Close encounter spaceship model has things like r2d2 and a vw bus on it. from txt

Stop at starbucks and then off to udvar-hazy to look at airplanes. from txt

Off to hidelburg for breakfast from txt

Finally arrive with 20 minutes for dinner. But spend 20 minutes battling wirh cars locks. from txt

Out of nc; into virginia. Eta 10:32. from txt

Finished neil gaiman's anansi boys. Good listen, interesting even if comes together a little too well. And it ends with a singing mermaid. from txt

Out of sc; into nc; eta 22:38. We stopped in sc for ice cream and check out fire works (same as in nh) from txt

Leaving ga in sc eta 22:35 from txt

Leaving FL in ga eta Arlington 22;30.

Off to pamelas eta 10;39

Omg flight stimulator is awesome thanks drew